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PTO Executive Board Positions

The President shall
  • Preside at all meeting of the PTO and Executive Board
  • Coordinate the work of the PTO
  • Attend Parish Council meetings or provide updates as requested by Parish Council
  • Attend STM Education Committee meetings
  • Apply for grants offered by PTOToday including PTOToday Group of the Year application
  • Serve as ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee
The Vice President - Family Involvement shall
  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the President
  • Direct the activities of designated committees
  • Coordinate in-school programs sponsored by PTO
  • Develop new programs for PTO
The Vice President - Ways and Means shall
  • Direct the activities of all fundraising
  • Serve as Chairperson for Walk M.O.R.E. Planning Committee
  • Develop new fundraising programs for PTO
  • Appoint related Committee Chairs
The Vice President - Communications shall
  • Record the minutes for all PTO and Executive Board meetings
  • Direct the PTO portion of the school website/FaceBook page
  • Publish all PTO meeting minutes on the website
  • Record attendance at all Executive Board meetings
  • Conduct all correspondence for the PTO:  Weekly Update, Parish Bulletin, One Call, Promotion and Acknowledgements at needed
  • Schedule the rooms for all PTO and Executive Board meetings
  • Notify all members of the PTO meetings
  • Create Marketing Agendas for all fundraising and family involvement events
  • Serve on the Walk M.O.R.E. Planning Committee as Secretary
  • Coordinate membership with PTOToday
The Chief Financial Officer shall
  • Prepare an annual budget for approval at the first PTO meeting of the year
  • Follow all guidelines for the use of a parish checking account as dictated by the Finance Committee
  • Be responsible for all PTO funds, keeping full and accurate records of all receipts and expenditures, and paying all properly submitted bills
  • Meet with the Parish Business Manger or Pastor to secure a second signature on all checks
  • Publish an annual report to the Business Manager to include the net income from all fundraisers; an itemized list of all distributions; and an ending balance
Volunteer Coordinator shall
  • Verify volunteers are up to date on Virtus trained
  • Act as liaison for Classroom Coordinators and Teacher Appreciation Team
  • Recruit volunteers for any project or event conducted by PTO Board and its Committees
  • Develop a Volunteer Recognition Program
Representation from School Faculty shall
  • Bring ideas or concerns from school faculty to the Executive Board
  • Encourage participation from school faculty for all PTO sponsored fundraisers
  • Encourage participation from school faculty to all PTO sponsored programs
Members at Large shall
  • Attend Executive Board Meetings
  • Vote on all decisions made by the Executive Board
  • Function as liaison to PTO membership at large
  • Bring suggestions to the Executive Board