EdChoice Scholarship

STM accepts the EdChoice Expansion scholarship which is an income based scholarship from the State of Ohio. Families with income of 450% above the federal poverty level or less qualify for FREE TUITION!  For example: A family of four can have an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $135,000 and receive free tuition. See the EdChoice income guidelines below to find your family's eligibility. ALL St. Thomas More students are eligible for a state-funded, reduced or full EdChoice Scholarship.

Please contact Marsha Barnes for further details at 513-753-2540 or [email protected].


EdChoice Q & A
How do I apply?
  1. To apply for the EdChoice Scholarship for your K-8 student click here to print off a Request Form for each of your students.
  2. Submit EdChoice application/s and a recent utility bill to Marsha Barnes at mbarnes@sttmschool.org or call the school office to arrange to drop off the documents, 513-753-2540.
  3. Click here to create an Ohio ID and submit your income verification documents.  (The school does not receive your income documents, they are submitted directly to the state.)
  4. Current students already have a birth certificate on file with the school, new students will need to submit their birth certificate with their application.  The name on the birth certificate and the name on the application must match exactly.


This seems too good to be TRUE?

It’s NOT!  STM has been an EdChoice provider for over ten years.  We are very familiar with the scholarship and application process.  Once your child is awarded the EdChoice Scholarship they will automatically qualify for the scholarship through twelfth grade with an annual renewal form and proof of residency. Our school has designated personnel on staff to help with the application process and answer all of your questions and concerns. Feel free to contact the school office at 513-753-2540 with questions.