Tuition 2021-2022

For school year 2021-2022 families can pay their tuition by one of three methods:

Tuition can be paid in full no later than July 15 or arrangements can be made to finance the amount due over a period of ten months with interest and applicable fees or you can use an EdChoice Scholarship.

EdChoice offers two types of Scholarships awarded by the State of Ohio.  1. EdChoice Expansion Scholarship is need based. Ohio determines need using the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  If you feel like you qualify for EdChoice Expansion Scholarship (K-8 students only) click here to view the Federal Poverty Guidelines.    2. EdChoice Traditional Scholarship is for current public school students whose public school of residence is listed on the Ohio Department of Education underperforming list.  For questions about EdChoice please contact Marsha Barnes at 753-2540.

Registration will take place online on the school website beginning Sunday, January 31, 2021.

A tuition deposit in the amount of $250 per family is due 72 hours after submitting your online registration.  Registration forms without the full deposit amount will NOT be processed. Checks are payable to St. Thomas More. The tuition deposit may also be processed on a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card without a processing fee. Please complete the credit card form if you wish to charge the tuition deposit.  Put the form in a sealed envelope and send it in to the school office to the attention of the Business Manager. Families using the EdChoice Scholarships will not pay a tuition deposit since tuition is covered in full by the grant.. 

The tuition deposit secures the reservation for every child and is non-refundable if the family later elects not to attend St. Thomas More School and enroll in any neighboring public or private school. Families that physically move out of the area and change their address will receive a full refund upon verification.


1 Child-In Parish K-8


plus a tuition deposit of $250 due at time of registration

2 Children-In Parish K-8


plus a family tuition deposit of $250 due at time of registration

3 Children-In Parish K-8


plus a family tuition deposit of $250 due at time of registration

4 Children-In Parish K-8


 plus a family tuition deposit of $250 due at time of registration

Out of Parish- All Day K-8

$5,895 per child

plus a family tuition deposit of $250 due at time of registration



3 year old morning/ 2 days $1,800

plus family tuition deposit of $75 due at time of registration


Pre K afternoon/ 5 days $2,425

plus family tuition deposit of $75 due at time of registration


All Day Pre K 5 days $4,300

plus family tuition deposit of $75 due at time of registration




“In-Parish” is defined as a registered family of St. Thomas More Parish who regularly attends Sunday Mass at our parish as measured by the use of Sunday envelopes dropped in the collection basket. Each family is expected to regularly attend weekend Mass at St. Thomas More and contribute during the year in order to continue to receive in parish tuition as noted by the use of the Sunday envelope deposited during the Offertory.

“Out-of-Parish” is defined as any school family who is not registered as members of St. Thomas More Parish, including non-Catholic families. Families will have their status changed from “In-Parish” to “Out-of-Parish” status for school tuition only based upon not meeting the Sunday Mass attendance and contribution standards.

TUITION PAYMENT SCHEDULE - Deposits are payable at the time of registration.   A school registration will not be valid until the deposit has been paid in full and all arrangements have been made for tuition payments.

Tuition may be paid in full by July 15 (Option A) or through a 10-month payment plan (Option B) through our tuition payment provider, Smart Tuition.

Option A – Payment in Full - A family may elect to pay the tuition in full no later than July 15. Families will be invoiced for the tuition payment. All payments are made through the Parish Finance Office.

St. Thomas More will accept a check for the full amount due, or with as many installments that equal the total amount due by July 15 or charged on a valid Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card. If a credit card is used for payment, a 2% processing charge will be added to the total amount charged to cover the processing fees incurred. ACH payments will also be accepted with no service charge. Specific payment information will be included with the invoice that will be mailed in the late spring time frame.

Option B - Payment Over 10 Months - Families may elect to pay the tuition due over a period of ten months for an additional 5% charge as well as a $50 set up fee.  Payments will begin in July through April. Families may elect to make a down payment on the total tuition amount due and finance the balance.

Our monthly tuition provider is Smart Tuition.  If you did not use the 10 month payment plan last year you will need to set up a new account with Smart Tuition.

Once the online enrollment has been completed, the Finance Office will enter the final amount due.  Families can check the total and monthly amount due online by accessing their new Smart Tuition account.  

Families registering after the cutoff date for the first monthly payment will have their total balance due divided by the number of months remaining in the program.

The monthly payments are electronically processed each month by Smart Tuition from the family's designated checking, savings account, or credit card.

Any checking, savings account, or credit card transaction returned due to insufficient funds, inadequate credit limit, or use of an invalid card, will be reported to St. Thomas More as delinquent. Each return for insufficient funds or low credit limit will be liable to pay all bank and late fees in addition to the tuition. The family will have 14 days to correct the problem and bring the account into a current status including the payment of all fees.  Smart Tuition will directly charge the family account on file for the late fees.

Families may monitor their account or seek assistance by directly contacting Smart Tuition.

Monthly invoice billings are not available.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - Tuition aid is provided based upon the parish’s ability to do so for families who are active participating members of the parish and who meet income requirements. A FACTS Management financial aid application must be completed and submitted by April 30 (Archdiocese grant deadline is January 31) as directed with a copy of the family's federal income tax return. The aid application is then processed and a recommendation is provided by late May or early June to the parish. Families who wish to apply for aid should do so at the time of registration. Registration will not be completed until all financial arrangements have been made. Smart Tuition monthly contracts will be processed and any financial aid decision rendered will be posted as a credit prior to the first payment in July.  All approvals for financial aide must be approved by the Pastor.

FACTS Management financial aid application.

REFUNDS - Tuition deposits are not refundable except as previously noted.

Students' families who are physically relocated out of the area served by the parish may request a refund according to the following schedule:

Before July 1 100% Refund

Before December 1 50% Refund of total due, if paid

Before February 1 25% Refund of total due, if paid

After February 1 NO REFUND

Students who are withdrawn for any other reason are responsible for the entire balance of their tuition, but they may request a review of their case by the Pastor. School records are not released for such transfers until the entire bill is paid and all other outstanding financial obligations have been satisfied.


All questions or concerns related to fees, tuition, or payments should be directed to the Finance Office; 513-753-2543.