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SafeParish Child Protection Requirements

All volunteers and employees are required to complete SafeParish quarterly child protection bulletins to remain compliant with the continuing education requirements of the Child Protection Decree. All users will be notified when quarterly bulletins are issued and will have 30 days from the date of issue to complete the bulletin. Missing one quarterly bulletin will result in your account being non-approved and you will not be able to volunteer or work with youth. Missing 6 quarterly bulletins will require that you complete the SafeParish child protection training before your account will be approved. To complete your quarterly bulletin, go to the Training Tab and click on the ‘Due’ link to see which bulletins are due and their due date. To see training sessions you have already taken, click on the ‘Completed’ link where you can see the training bulletin and the date it was completed.


Current employees and volunteers can begin to register with SafeParish, and should have received an email with instructions for registration.  If information regarding their previous safe environment account is on file, it will be displayed.  They should follow the prompts. If a background check and child protection training was completed, there is nothing else to complete at this time.  If information is missing, they will be prompted to complete.


New employees and volunteers who do not have a current safe environment account will need to register and complete the background check and training video with SafeParish.  Tokens to pay for the background check are available and will be accepted by SafeParish.  If a token is needed, please contact Linda Caskey, our Safe Environment Coordinator, at [email protected]


If your previous VIRTUS account is inactive, you will need to complete the background check and training video in SafeParish to reestablish your account.


Please visit https://www.aocsafeenvironment.org and see the attached instructions for registering with SafeParish.


If you have any questions concerning SafeParish, please contact Linda Caskey at [email protected].