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Why St. Thomas School?




More Community – St. Thomas More School creates a bond among the students, the home, the school, the Church – forming a strong sense of community for all students and parents.


More Faith – St. Thomas More School’s faith-based environment helps children develop a relationship with God and instill Christ-like living.  Not only do students learn about their faith, but they also learn how to live their faith.


More Academics – St. Thomas More School provides excellence in education with an emphasis on the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Graded Course of Study and 21st century skills.


More Technology – St. Thomas More School has a strong commitment to using the latest technology as a tool for the delivery of instruction and learning.  Students in grades 6 - 8 are each issued a Chromebook for use at school and home.  Students in grade PK-5 have access to classroom sets of Chromebooks, iPads, a computer lab, and interactive white boards/Touch Screen TVs in each classroom.


More Parent Involvement – St. Thomas More School prides itself in the number of parents who are involved and volunteer at our school while working together to form a community of shared vision for our children.


More Dedicated Educators – St. Thomas More School has exceptional faculty members who help students reach their highest potential and demonstrate a genuine dedication to their students.


More Caring, Nurturing, and Safe Environment – St. Thomas More School offers individual attention with differentiated instruction and provides a disciplined atmosphere that offers safety and order to enhance student learning.  An intervention specialist and speech pathologist stand ready to assist students who need extra help.


More Service – St. Thomas More School offers students the opportunity for service to God and their community by providing a variety of service projects.


More Music, Art, PE, Library – St. Thomas More School offers all students the opportunity to participate in music, art,  physical education classes and library on a weekly basis.   Grade 5-8 students also learn Spanish.


More Dividends – What better investment can you make than in your children and their future? St. Thomas More School will provide dividends of a well-rounded foundation that will prepare your children for further education and a successful life.