St. Thomas More School

St. Thomas More Alum on McNick's Mardi Gras Court

The Annual Mardi Gras Pageant and Ball, the most prestigious student event of the year at Archbishop McNicholas High School, honors 40 senior students who have given their time and talents in service to the school and community throughout their high school experience. The King and Queen are the highest vote getters amongst the senior class.


The Senior Court consists of the top 20 young men and top 20 young women who have actively participated in school events and organizations. Membership on the Court is a result of four years of compiled voting from students and faculty. The top four sophomore and junior young men and women constitute the Honor Guard.


The Captain of the Ball receives the second highest votes among young men in the senior class. The Maid of Honor receives the second highest votes among young women in the senior class. Congratulations to this year's Captain, Nicholas Rosenbaum and Maid, STM graduate Sklyer Lance, both pictured here.


Other STM alumni chosen for the the 2018 Court were (see photo):  

Gabby Scorti, Alex Deimling, Kennedy Brennen, Nicholas Wynn, and Abby Pour