St. Thomas More School

Keep Clipping and Scanning for the Box Tops Contest

Current contest standings:

First Place:  Kindergarten

Second Place:  Mrs. Swarts' 2nd Grade

There is no Third Place, as only 2 classes have turned in so far!  

Please keep clipping or scanning and get your Box Tops in as soon as possible! 

There will be a class contest along with individual prizes. Points accumulated using the Box Tops app count, too!

Email Shannon Tenkman, Box Tops Coordinator, at, or send a note to her via the school office to receive credit for Box Tops submitted through the app. (Coordinator cannot see the person who submitted their receipts; only the amount of the deposits added.) 

Also, don’t forget about collecting Tyson A+ labels, too. They are worth 24 cents each!

Deadline is Monday October 28, so clip or scan and earn now!

Additional information is attached.