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Elf and Myself

Hello, St. Thomas More families! I want to take a chance to introduce Myself! I’m not really like all of the other elves who don’t like to be held or taken places,  NO, I’m making it your job to take me places and have a ton of fun with me. I want to do whatever you are doing for the evening and that could as little as homework and dinner with the family or maybe I'll be going home with you on a night that you are going to see my good buddy Santa at the mall. Whatever we do, we are going to write about it in my journal so all of Ms. Mulvey’s class knows about the very cool things we got to do the night before. We can even take an “Elfie” with your parents phone and send it in an email to Mrs. Mulvey, so she can print it and put it in the book. Now I know a lot of the parents are really busy this time of the year and I don’t want them to have to plan anything special for my trip to your house, but I do need them to take about 5-10 minutes to help us write out all the great things we did when I got to come spend the night with you. No Worries, Ms. Mulvey did and example Letter, so nobody gets confused! Also, I came from the North Pole with a schedule, so please don’t get mad at me or Ms. Mulvey if you have to wait patiently for your turn, There are a ton of you guys, so not everyone will have their turn before Christmas, BUT everyone will get a turn. Here’s the list and please remember that I can only travel in my red bag and all notes get written in the notebook for Ms. Mulvey to read to all of us after Jesse Tree every morning! I can’t wait to see where you all live and to see if you do anything special for Christmas that I have never seen.

Day 2:Monday December 3rd/ Emmett Register

Day 3:Tuesday December 4th/ Lakelynn Hines

Day 4: Wednesday December 5th/ Zachary Horton

Day 5: Thursday December 6th/ Brandon Barkley

Day 6: Friday December 7th/ Addie Nickles

Day 7: Monday December 10th/ Jaeden Monsey

Day 8: Tuesday December 11th/Sophia Lehn

Day 9: Wednesday December 12th/ Bella Pommert

Day 10: Thursday December 13th/ Jude DeBorde

Day 11: Friday December 14th/ Henry Schmidt

Day 12: Monday December 17th/ Ava Bodley

Day 13: Tuesday December 18th/Asher Smith

Day 14: Wednesday December 19/ Declan and Rowen

Day 15: Thursday January 3rd/ Chance Glutz

Day 16: Friday January 4th/Adam GREEN

Day 17: Monday January 7th/ Avery Berning

Day 18: Tuesday January 8th/ Bryson

Day 19: Wednesday January 9th/ Mia

Day 20: Thursday January 10th/ Augie Brown

Day 21: Friday January 11th/ Hollis Yoshida

Day 22: Monday January 14th/ Lillian Nassar

Twik 11.26.18

Good Morning!                November 26th 2018



  • Scrip Contest! We are winning, so let’s keep up the great work! November 5th-December 17th!
  • Dress Appropriately : We WILL go outside and it is cold, so please be sure your child comes to school with the appropriate items!!!
  • Art Show: There will be an art show Tuesday December 4th from 6-8pm.


  • The Box tops Challenge is over for now, but please keep a special place in your kitchen to save them for spring. I am told that there will be another contest in spring with an even more amazing class prize!!
  • No More shorts: Thursday November 1st.
  • Gloves and Hats: I really try to remind the students to put their gloves and hats in their sleeves when they take them off. That way when they put their coat on they automatically find them! Please remind them whenever you think about it to do this when they are not at school!
  • Halloween Candy: Please be sure that your child is not bringing a bunch of Halloween candy in their lunch.


Language Arts

Sight Words: Our old sight words are basically accomplished and almost everyone is getting the hang of bringing books home and reading with Mom, Dad, The Dog or The Frog and returning the “Book Buddy” bags the next day for a key! If your child brings home a reading bag, please be sure it comes back signed the very next school day, so they can get a key!


This is a list of our 2nd set of sight words. These will come home on cards after Thanksgiving break!

down                  go                two

nine                    can              yellow

one                    run                not

funny                 the               purple

orange                make            said

little                   find                   red

here                   blue              look


Jolly Phonics


Now that we are a little more comfortable with what our letters look like, we will be starting The Jolly Phonics program to help the students with their reading and writing. The will be done along with the reading series and handwriting, so you should start seeing these letter sheets with their Friday Packets.

We have completed the following sounds in class

S= Snake in the grass     T=Tennis Match      P=Puff on the Candle

A=Ants on my arm           I=Ink                                N=Airplanennnnnnn

Ck-Clicking Castanets     e=crack the egg      h=hop, hop, hop

r-rip the rag                      m=meal                   d=Drumming on the drum

G=Gurgle                         o=On and Off


The following is a description from their website and you are always welcome to look for more information at


We will be going to the library every Friday from 10:30-11:15!


This week in Math we are talking about same number addition and working on the memorization of those double facts!


Characteristics of a bird

  • They breathe with lungs
  • They are warm-blooded
  • They lay eggs
  • They usually have wings, feathers and beaks
  • They live on land


This week we will be talking about the time before Advent and getting ready for all of the events that prepare us for Christmas!


  • What is your favorite thing about being at school instead of home?
  • What is a direction draw?
  • What is one way to make 60 cents?

Upcoming Events:

  • Bengalmania 11/28
  • 12/2 First Sunday of Advent
  • 12/4 BMX Magazine Drive Show
  • 12/4 Art Show 6-8
  • 12/5 Bengalmania
  • 12/6 St. Nicholas Day
  • 12/7 PTO Polar Express Showing
  • 12/18 Christmas Musical



Monday: New Sight Words

Tuesday: Days of the week

Wednesday: Sign of the Cross

Thursday: Parts of the Bird


Ms. Mulvey

Homework for 11.19.18

We will not have homework this week because of the 2-day week!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and please be sure your child has their item for the Thanksgiving Feast tomorrow!