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Since the age of 5, I've known two things, I wanted to be a mommy and I wanted to be a teacher. I used to make up pretend worksheets for my younger brother and dolls and would read them books. I also remember the lessons I learned at St. Ann's at Sunday School which probably influenced my love for religion, scriptures and wanting to grow in my understanding of God, Jesus and so much more.
My parents were dedicated to my Catholic education and sent me to St. Vincent Ferrer and Mt. Notre Dame High School. I went on to Xavier University and studied theology and sociology. After graduation I went back to MND to teach in the theology department. After taking a step away from the classroom (my dream of becoming a mommy came true) I was blessed with the opportunity to come to STM and resume my teaching career.
I am so happy to be a part of the STM community. In some ways it's a homecoming as my Dad and siblings were students here and my grandparents parishioners. If you could hear the stories my Dad shares and yes, the shenanigans too. I guess he was in the back holding books in each hand frequently with a nun making sure he didn't budge an inch!
I currently teach junior high Religion, Old and New Testament, Church History and I walk with the 8th grade as they prepare and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. I absolutely love bringing Scriptures to life with my students and we do a lot of hands on work with the Bible.
Service is a big component of our junior high as well. All junior high students complete 25 or more hours a year. They service STM and the community in which they live in.
I have completed my advanced certification this summer for the Archdiocese. We are also working on revamping the Youth Ministry program for our High School students.
My daughter is a student at St. Vincent Ferrer in the 2nd grade. We are so excited for her to make her First Communion this April. She is an avid soccer player, loves anything crafty, has taught me more about my phone and to work it and loves to do things for anyone. She is the greatest gift from God!
My favorite saint said, "Oh how good is the good God" and each day I reflect on the blessings that STM, the staff, faculty and students are. STM is home!