Booster Board Positions currently open for 2019-2020


In order for our athletic programs to continue next year, key positions on the Booster Board MUST be filled.  Our student athletes need your support!  An email was sent to all STM parents today with more details.  Please contact Derek Eads at if you can assist.  Without YOU, we cannot maintain our STM sports program, so please consider becoming a member of our Boosters.

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, the STM Boosters will change the way fees are structured for sports.  The Booster fee is eliminated.  Instead, the registration fee will be $110 per sport, per child.  In addition, each family has the option to puchase a family pass that will allow free entry into any game for the entire school year (this does NOT include football!).  The family pass will cost $25 and can be purchased on this website or at the gate before a game.  Family passes will be in the form of a laminated card,  Grandparent passes will still be available as in the past.  A family without a pass can also pay the gate fee to attend a game.  

The STM Boosters